1. Monstrous Medical Mishaps (Horrendous Hospitals And Disastrous Dentistry)
    Andrew Liles

  2. Canis
    Aleix Pitarch

  3. Split

  4. Otomejima No Otome

  5. Blue Ruin (Original Score To The Film)
    Brooke Blair and Will Blair

  6. Wanton Wives, Monstrous Maidens And Wicked Witches
    Andrew Liles

  7. Unlikely Mothers
    Big Blood

  8. The Maleficent Monster And Other Macabre Stories
    Andrew Liles

  9. Moon Cycles / Fowey
    Matthew Shaw

  10. What Time Is It? 1000 Bux.

  11. Poplar Hollow
    Mike Gangloff

  12. Idle Days On The Yann

  13. Four Eyes
    Carlton Melton

  14. Sint - Denijs

  15. The Mineral Victim
    Ben Nash

  16. Live At Namba Bears
    Kawabata Makoto & Anla Courtis

  17. Shakespeare From The Cosmic Inferno 2008
    Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno

  18. False Positive
    Sindre Bjerga

  19. Comets Come Alive
    Orphan Fairytale

  20. Beguiled Entropy
    Expo '70

  21. Titan Granolith

  22. Godchaux Free Brattleboro
    MV & EE with The Golden Road

  23. Live Sheffield 3rd July 2012

  24. There Was Never A Time When Your Life Was Not Now, Nor Will There Ever Be
    Matthew Shaw

  25. The Wider

  26. Dune Church
    Central Living

  27. Nyida Days
    Tom Carter & Robert Horton

  28. Vagabond
    Golden Cup

  29. Live Sheffield & London 2012
    Natural Snow Buildings

  30. Homunculus

  31. Early Astral
    Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp

  32. Menagerie # 3
    Various Artists

  33. Night Of Raining Fire

  34. Oh Lordy Me! (My Heart Is Wandering Again)
    Ben Nash

  35. Transparent Winter
    Painting Petals On Planet Ghost

  36. III
    Acid Birds

  37. Isidore Ducasse
    Isidore Ducasse

  38. Alive
    Hush Arbors

  39. Split
    Gnod / A Middle Sex

  40. Vestiges Of An Inherent Melancholy


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Blackest Rainbow is an independent record label specializing in underground music presented on the physical format.

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